New Genes and Emerging Mechanisms of Type 1 Diabetes


  • Aysha Karim Kiani
  • Asima Zia
  • Parveen Akhtar
  • Sadaf Moeez
  • Attya Bhatti
  • Peter John



Type 1 Diabetes, Autoimmune disease, HLA Class II


Type 1 Diabetes susceptibility depends upon the complex interaction between numerous genetic as well as environmental factors. 50% of the familial clustering of T1D is explained by HLA locus alleles. Other multiple loci contribute the rest of the susceptibility, in which very little were known since last few years. Four novel loci were found from the results of stage-I, genome wide association (GWA) studies which were carried out with high-density genotyping arrays. As the stage-II of the Genome Wide Association studies completed, hopefully, most of the genetic reasons of Type 1 Diabetes will be identified. 



2021-01-20 — Updated on 2021-02-06

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Kiani, A. K., Zia, A., Akhtar, P., Moeez, S., Bhatti, A., & John, P. (2021). New Genes and Emerging Mechanisms of Type 1 Diabetes. NUST Journal of Natural Sciences, 2(2), 47–51.