An Overview of Herbal Antiviral Compounds Against Dengue Virus (A. Aegypti)


  • Sobia Tabassum
  • Faiza Abdul Rashid
  • Hina Javed
  • Muhammad Ashraf



Dengue, A. aegypti, Antiviral, Drugs, Black seed, Ponneem


Dengue is the current prevalent disease caused by vector A. aegypti having four serotypes DENV 1,2,3,4. Natural biological systems are disrupted by the repeated use of synthetic repellants and often result in the development of resistance against dengue virus. These problems have emphasized the need for the development of new strategies for the selective control of mosquito larvae. Therefore antiviral active compounds are extracted from natural herbs to treat dengue virus. The aim of this paper is to review some opportunities in the development of anti-dengue drugs from celery, black seed, ponneem, Cucurbitaceae U. tomentosa, Gastrodiaelata Bl, L. alba and L. citriodora, Vitextrifolia and citrus plants like lemon, orange which might be helpful to control the epidemic.



2021-01-20 — Updated on 2021-02-06

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Tabassum, S., Abdul Rashid, F., Javed, H., & Ashraf, M. (2021). An Overview of Herbal Antiviral Compounds Against Dengue Virus (A. Aegypti). NUST Journal of Natural Sciences, 2(2), 44–46.