Small Interfering RNA- Modern Approach for Intervening Pathological Conditions


  • Shazia Choudhary
  • Sheeba Murad
  • Sana Gul
  • Hayat Khan
  • Samra Khalid
  • Summar Gul
  • Naureen Ehsan
  • Mamoona Noreen



RNA interference, small interfering RNA, delivery mode


RNA interference (RNAi) refers to the inhibition of gene expression by small double-stranded RNA molecules. This technology can prove to be a breakthrough biological discovery of the decade as it has the potential to revolutionize the field of therapeutics. RNA interference (RNAi) through small interfering RNA (siRNA) is currently being evaluated for its efficacy to be used in therapeutics as well as prophylactic strategies. Many studies are being conducted across the globe to optimize the siRNA delivery systems (in terms of safe, stable and efficient delivery) in various disorders. There are a number of diseases such as autoimmune diseases, cancer associated pathological changes, bacterial and viral induced disorders, where RNAi pathway can be explored and RNAi technology can be used as a tool to intervene such abnormalities. This review is an effort to review latest advancements in the field of siRNA based therapy development and the pits and falls generally encountered in the use of this technology.



2021-01-20 — Updated on 2021-02-07

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Choudhary, S., Murad, S. ., Gul, S., Khan, H., Khalid, S., Gul, S., … Noreen, M. (2021). Small Interfering RNA- Modern Approach for Intervening Pathological Conditions. NUST Journal of Natural Sciences, 2(2), 16–19.