Role of Viral Protein-Protein Interactions and Possible Targets for New Therapeutics


  • Rehan Zafar Paracha
  • Fahed Parvaiz
  • Babar Aslam
  • Ayesha Obaid
  • Sidra Qureshi
  • Sobia Manzoor
  • Kaneez Fatima
  • Ishtiaq Qadri



Viral infections are the cause of serious infirmities in humans and kill millions of people every year. Management of viral diseases is one of the challenges faced by the whole world which needs improvement in prevention and treatment options. Complete understanding of the consequences of viral proteins interaction network on host physiology is essential. Towards this goal, deciphering viral protein-protein interactions is one of the perspective which can help in our understanding about the basis of viral pathogenesis and the development of new antivirals. Indeed, viral infection network based on viral-viral proteins will provide an elusive and investigative framework to articulate rationalize drug discovery based on proteomics scale of viruses. In this study, proteomics a collection of viral-viral protein interactions reporting different studies of Hepatitis C virus, Influenza A virus, Dengue virus and SARS Coronavirus. Our effort of protein-interactions was focused on different studies reporting interactions between viral proteins encoded by the viruses under study. The study is integrated with a broad and original literature-curated data of viral-viral protein (197 non-redundant) interactions.



2021-01-20 — Updated on 2021-02-07

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Paracha, R. Z., Parvaiz, F., Aslam, B., Obaid, A., Qureshi, S., Manzoor, S., … Qadri, I. (2021). Role of Viral Protein-Protein Interactions and Possible Targets for New Therapeutics. NUST Journal of Natural Sciences, 2(2), 1–15.