Bacteriophages; Major Applications and Phage Therapy


  • Waqas Nasir
  • Irshad Ul Haq
  • Saba Safdar
  • Ishtiaq Qadri



Bacteriophage, Phage therapy, Antibiotics, Lysin, Inhibition


An introduction to bacteriophages along with the general areas of application is described with special and detailed discussion of therapeutic uses of phages and phage enzymes. Phage therapy being safer and faster than conventional chemotherapy has been employed for a while but its incorporation into general disease combating methods has to make a few pit stops those being the proper understanding of phage behaviour in vivo among others. The experiments done on model organisms and humans are described. Industrial benefits of phages, their surface cleaning abilities as well as use of bacteriophages in livestock and poultry developement are highlighted. Phages as therapeutics hold a promising future due to their novel nature and mechanism of action for an underdeveloped country like ours.



2021-01-18 — Updated on 2021-02-07

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Nasir, W., Ul Haq, I., Safdar, S., & Qadri, I. (2021). Bacteriophages; Major Applications and Phage Therapy. NUST Journal of Natural Sciences, 1(1), 6–10.